Sample Report

Sample report on social media use by gender   Click “Reports” from the menu. Click “Create New Report.” Select the type of report.  Here we will produce a bar chart that shows how many times per week participants use social media broken down by gender.  Select “Tally Report.” Select the display features and the title of the… Read more »

Building Reports and Analyzing Data (4.x)

Sample reports Building reports Exporting reports to Excel Viewing the dashboard Viewing data in Tableau (coming soon) Using the search function Sample Reports Building Reports Submitted data can be visualized in the reports section of ELMO. Click the Reports tab on the main menu bar to access this section. Coordinators can generate reports from responses… Read more »

Override Code for Unfinished Forms

ELMO Override Code – Omitting Answers To Required Questions About For Observers Sending a form with an incomplete response Downloading forms that allow incomplete responses Override code generation For Coordinators Accessing/Regenerating the override code in Settings Updating Forms ___________________________________________________________ About During an election observation mission, it may be necessary to send finalized forms with incomplete… Read more »

Collecting and Submitting Data (4.x)

Submitting data to ELMO Online Submitting data via tablet and smart phone Submitting data via SMS Reviewing data received by observers Submitting data to ELMO Online Once a form has been created and published, administrators, coordinators, and observers can access the form online, read and answer questions, and submit the form when completed. ELMO Online… Read more »

Sample Question Creation

Example: Create a question that asks about level of income. Select “Questions” from the menu.  Then select “Create Question.” After you select Create Question, the “New Question” Form will be displayed.  To create your question, follow these steps:   1. Enter your “Code” – a short title for your question. 2. Select your question “Type”… Read more »

Creating and Editing Forms (4.x)

Creating a general form Creating a standard form Publishing forms Creating a SMS form Printing forms Creating a general form Forms Building a new form involves the following steps: creating a new form; creating questions for the form; and depending on the user’s needs, creating option sets for those questions. In ELMO, these steps can… Read more »

Choosing your language preference

2.1 Setting language for mission administrators 2.2 Setting language for users   2.1 Setting language for mission administrators     2.2 Setting language for users

Setting Up a Mission (4.x)

Hardware considerations Installing ELMO on your own server Create a mission Create users Language settings Hardware considerations ELMO can be used on multiple devices in three basic ways. First, ELMO online can be accessed through laptops, PCs, netbooks, or any other device with a browser. Second, tablets and smart phones can connect to ELMO online… Read more »

ELMO SMS for Observers

Using ELMO SMS in the field is simple for an observer in the field, requiring two things: a cellular phone with texting capabilities a special SMS Guide Form made from the form created through the ELMO SMS interface by project staff Observers report on the forms by sending a message to the assigned ELMO SMS… Read more »

ELMO SMS for Project Staff

The ELMO SMS interface allows project coordinators to easily create reporting forms for using during observation; make them available for observer use; and send, track, and follow up on observer messages that include reported data. Data received via SMS from observers can be analyzed in ELMO, or the data can be easily exported for use… Read more »