Test Drive Credentials

Email us at info@getelmo.org to request login credentials. Click on the “Try It” link in the top right menu of getelmo.org Press the “Test Drive” button Enter your credentials and press “Login” Taking the ELMO Test Drive To select a mission, click on the Mission drop down list on the top right hand side of… Read more »

Sample ELMO SMS Response

Sample ELMO SMS Response An observer in the field using ELMO SMS will need two things: a cellular phone with texting capabilities a special SMS Guide Form made from the form created in ELMO Online Below is a Sample SMS Text Form.  On the Sample SMS form below, you will find: 1. A unique code… Read more »

Users for Observers

To view all user accounts associated with the selected Mission, select “Users” from the menu. Once on the Users page, you can: Review user information for all users in the mission Edit your own user information  

Forms for Observers

To review forms within the Mission, select “Forms” from the menu.   On the Forms page you may: Review the questions on different forms Review, edit, or delete you responses previously submitted to different forms  


ELMO SMS – Rapid transmission from any location Election observation missions are frequently deployed in remote locations that lack the necessary infrastructure to report via an internet connection. To overcome these obstacles and ensure timely reporting, ELMO SMS was developed. ELMO SMS allows observers to submit data using basic cellular networks via mobile phone or… Read more »

For Administrators

As an ELMO administrator, you will be able to create missions, create forms and questions, create users to respond to forms, and interpret data derived from user responses. The following documentation will introduce you to the different uses for ELMO as an administrator and walk you through the three main applications of ELMO software: ELMO… Read more »

For Coordinators

A coordinator has the highest level of access below the administrator. In addition to observer and staffer privileges (creating Responses, generating Reports, accessing the Dashboard and Broadcasting SMS), she can perform the following functions: Create Option Sets, Questions, and Forms Create, edit, or delete any User Change Settings These features can be accessed on the sidebar… Read more »

For Staffers

Similar to a coordinator, a staffer can generate reports, send a broadcast SMS, and monitor incoming responses on the Dashboard.  All of these staffer functions have How-To guides that you can access with the links described below. Key functions of a staffer include: Create Responses to published Forms – like an observer, a staffer can populate the data used… Read more »

For Observers

Observers are responsible for submitting the field data used in ELMO reports.  The way that an observer does this is to fill out questionnaires or surveys —  Forms as they are called in ELMO — via a Response.   Responses can be submitted either online, via tablet, or via SMS. Here is our instructional guide on How… Read more »