Stacked Bar Chart

Simple Tally Report with Stacked Bar Chart

stacked bar chart

For this report we will produce a bar chart that shows how often participants access certain resources, and their levels of education.

  1. Click Reports from the menu
  2. Click Create New Report
  3. Select the type of report, in this case Tally Report
  4. Select the display features and the title of the report. For this report we will tally Answers Per Question rather than Responses Per Answer/Attribute, and we will display them in a bar chart rather than a table. The bar style will be stacked, and the questions displayed as full titles
  5. Select the form(s) that the data will be drawn from. In this case, the only form needed is ATIMS
  6. Select the questions that will be included in the graph. Here we are tallying answers to questions with specific option sets rather than answers to specific questions, so select Questions With These Option Sets. Select the option sets needed, in this case Daily,W,M and Education
  7. Select Run and your bar charts will be displayed