Multiple Bar Charts

Tally Report with Multiple Questions

tally report with multiple questions

This report shows responses for three different (but related) questions with similar option sets and displays responses in separate bar charts. To create a report similar to this report, follow these steps:

  1. Click Reports from the menu
  2. Click Create New Report
  3. Select the type of report, in this case Tally Report
  4. What would you like to tally: select the display features and the title of the report. For this report we will tally Answers Per Question rather than Responses Per Answer/Attribute
  5. Display Results: select Bar Chart
  6. Bar Style: select Side by Side
  7. Question Display: for this example we chose Full Titles in order to see the full content of the question. Note that in ELMO, scrolling over the text will display the full question as opposed to the abbreviated form seen in this screenshot
  8. Title the report
  9. Forms: select the form(s) that the data will be drawn from. In this case, the we selected all the forms in the mission
  10. Question to include: select the questions that will be included in the graph. Here we are tallying answers to the questions Assessment Polling A, Assessment Polling B and Assessment Poll JOINT
  11. Select Run and your report will be displayed