Multiple Stacked Bar Charts

Tally Report with Multiple Questions

Tally Report With Multiple Questions 2This Report shows responses for questions in a form which use a certain option set (Agree/Disagree) and displays responses in separate stacked bar charts. To create a report similar to this report, follow these steps:

  1. Click Reports from the menu
  2. Click Create New Report
  3. Select the type of report, in this case Tally Report
  4. What would you like to tally: select the display features and the title of the report. For this report we will tally Answers Per Question rather than Responses Per Answer/Attribute
  5. Display Results: select Bar Chart
  6. Bar Style: select Stacked
  7. Question Display: for this example we chose Full Titles in order to see the full content of the question
  8. Title the report
  9. Forms: select the form(s) that the data will be drawn from. In this case, the we selected the SAMPLE Opening Checklist
  10. Questions to include: select the questions that will be included in the graph. Here we chose all questions in the form that use the options Yes, No and N/A
  11. Select run and the report will be displayed