More field work, more help, more security, and… more

Our summer is promising to be a busy one, and here are some of the things on the horizon that we are excited about right now:

  • Graduate students of Emory University are piloting ELMO in Nepal and Vietnam for work related to health and trafficking. In addition, our incoming Fellow for 2016 has been selected. More on this will be available at the Emory Institute for Developing Nations in the next weeks.
  • Our team is continuing to partner with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Cyber Technology and Information Security Lab (CTISL) to make ELMO into a more secure platform. ELMO 5.x incorporates a first round of measures and we are looking forward to another round later this year.
  • ELMO 5.x?  What is that?  We’re happy to show off our new version of ELMO documentation and training slides for general (released for public use next week) use off the main menu.

    With these materials, we hope people will be able to learn ELMO at their own pace. They are still being refined, so look for finalized English versions by the end of the month with a version in French to follow shortly thereafter. Questions are still always welcome at: info [at] getelmo [dot] org.

  • We are also working on new ELMO features to assist our partners in the human rights observation community, including automatic SMS alerts to trusted recipients. We’ll explain more about what these features are as we roll them out in the Democratic Republic of Congo in connection with our Human Rights House project later this year.
  • Finally, with the help of volunteers, we’re making steady progress in our multilingual ELMO Online Interface (forms and questions have always been available in 180+ languages): French, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean have progressed nicely, with Kirundi on the horizon for this year as well.