Real-time electoral risk management: IDEA’s ERM Tool and ELMO

In the ELMO open-source community that is starting to emerge, we’re continually trying to figure out ways that partnerships can leverage the tool to impact areas beyond election observation.

Our friends at International IDEA have put a lot of thought and energy into electoral risk, and one result is their Electoral Risk Management Tool, or ERMTool. Governments, NGOs, and other agencies use the tool to build their “capacity to understand electoral risk factors, collect and analyze risk data, design prevention and mitigation strategies, and record the results of actions.” You can read more about the ERMTool’s knowledge modules, risk maps and trend charts, and mitigation strategies on their site.

The ERMTool is now an ELMO partner — welcome! — and we have begun collaborating on an integration that will bring the ERMTool into the real-time dimension, so that users can utilize both tools to assess electoral and governance environments. We’re working on our first pilot project now and looking for other potential candidate countries; feel free to reach out if you’re interested in learning more.