Training Slides

If you need a little more guidance, or are trying to help others learn ELMO, here are some generic training slides on our most popular features. In order to make them friendly and effective, they incorporate active learning techniques with sample exercises and pop quizzes. And a lot of snappy image art.

Some pointers about these training modules, which are available in PowerPoint format (click the links below to download):

  • The intended audience or minimum user level is noted just beneath the presentation title. Administrators are an implied audience for every module.
  • Text within the slides that are a dark orange color is meant to signal a spot that you might customize according to your organizational needs. For example: maybe your team uses the term “evaluator” instead of “observer.”
  • Translating the slides for your local audience? Please share them back with us at so that we can share here with others!

Also, please feel free to share your innovations or improvements on these modules as well!

Module 1: Data Collecting (.pptx)

Key audience: Observers

  • Submitting data via ODK Collect
  • ELMO Override Code
  • Demonstration of ELMO Real-time Analysis
  • Overview of ELMO Reports

This module shows the basics of data collection in the field via tablet-based ODK Collect. This module is designed primarily to train Observers in the field, which is why it follows a different format from the rest of the modules.

Module 2: Mission Set-up & User Management (.pptx)

Key audience: Coordinators and Administrators

  • Creating a Mission (Admin Only)
  • User Permission Levels
  • Creating a New User
  • Creating Multiple Users
  • Exporting VCards

This module shows administrators and coordinators how to create missions. (If none of your trainees occupy these roles, this section can be removed from your overall training). Additionally, it discusses the four different levels of users and how to manage them.

Module 3: Form Design (.pptx)

Key audience: Coordinators
Part I

  • What Are Forms, Questions, and Option Sets?
  • Creating New Forms
  • Creating and Adding Questions to Forms

Part II

  • Creating and Adding Option Sets
  • Importing Standard Forms, Questions, & Option Sets
  • Managing Forms

This module shows how to create and edit forms, questions, and option sets. Because this module is far longer than the others, it has been divided into two parts. It may be a good idea to present each part separately with a break rather than back-to-back.

Module 4: Building Reports (.pptx)

Key audience: Staffers and Coordinators*

  • Getting Started
  • Creating Three Kinds of Reports:
    • Tally Report
    • List Report
    • Standard Form Report
  • Exporting Data from Reports

This module shows trainees what the three different types of reports are and how to generate them.

*Observers may build reports as well, but they are restricted to only their own submissions. Depending on how much data your observers collect, it may not be worthwhile to train them on this.

Module 5: Data Cleaning and Management (key audience: Staffers)(.pptx)

This report shows trainees how to review and clean data submitted by observers, as well as how to search for data with responses.

  • The ELMO Dashboard
  • Reviewing & Cleaning Responses
  • The Search Feature

Module 6: SMS (.pptx)

Key audience: All

  • Overview
  • Setting up SMS environment
  • Submitting data through SMS
  • Broadcasting

This report shows trainees how to collect and submit data via SMS. It also shows Staffers, Coordinators, and Administrators how to broadcast messages to observers in the field via SMS and email.

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